Battery dead on arrival

  • Hi @m5stack

    I would like to make it clear that this is not a complaint or rant - I merely would like to recount what occurred to me.

    About a month ago I got an M5Stack Gray (installed battery: 150mAh) from an European distributor and recently I got an M5Stack Fire (installed battery: 500mAh) and a M5Stack Battery Module (installed battery: 700mAh) from the same distributor.

    Both batteries included with the M5Stack Gray and M5Stack Fire were dead on arrival, zero volts at the output, cannot be charged and the 500mAh one was puffy. The M5Stack Battery Module however was ok and can be used normally.

    I've seen other reports were batteries were dead on arrival or shortly thereafter and it was suggested that these M5Stacks might have been sitting too long in the warehouse.

    Maybe it would make sense to put the M5Stack cores and batteries separated (unstacked) into the plastic box to avoid the battery from getting totally depleted? The working M5Stack Battery Module I got seems to support that hypothesis.

    I do understand that the out of the box experience is nicer when everything's already stacked together, but only if the battery still works, else it's probably very frustrating. Especially for a novice who might not understand what's happening.

    Anyways, I love my M5Stacks and I run them from working battery modules for the time being.


  • @felmue M5Stack ship worldwide.
    If you order direct from M5Stack then they arrive in a bout two (ish depending on shipping ) weeks and the batteries will generally still be in excellent condition.

  • Hi @ajb2k3

    thank you for your advice - that is good to know. For the time being I prefer to buy local to avoid dealing with taxes and customs.


  • @felmue where did you bought it ? you could contact the store , tell them the prodcut detail , to get the after-sales service.

  • Hello @m5stack

    thanks, I actually might just do that.