• I just got the new Core2 delivered today, and it's amazing. Get yours now...

    For those using the Arduino IDE:

    • Install the "M5Core" library using the library manager and pretend it's an "M5Stack Fire" in the board selector.

    • The Arduino library does not (yet?) have buttons, which means any existing M5stack code will not run. However the touch sensor does go to 320x280 (not 240), and the touch screen has three little circles underneath the display that also trigger special "leds" on the factory test screen. No doubt these are intended as virtual off-screen buttons. Is anyone at M5stack already modifying the Arduino library to have these as buttons?

    • The factory test program that came installed when you got it can be reinstalled from here. I will post more as I learn.

  • Thanks @Rop. Mine should be delivered in a few hours. Can't wait to play with it!

  • Hello @Rop

    I am looking forward to seeing M5ez adapted to the new possibilities of the M5Core2 hardware.

    Re buttons: I guess you've seen this already (not official I think):


  • I just got mine today and I am so impressed. It just feels, sounds, and responds in such a great way. This is such an impressive device on many levels. At first I wasn't sure if I needed one since I have a few m5Stacks but I am so glad I purchased one. I have a few questions:

    1. since the core2 has enough memory can you enable bluetooth in the uiflow firmware and please add the blocks. I know they are only available for fire but I am assuming they should work with core2.
    2. if I wanted to use the core2 in a classroom do you offer any kits for these purposes. I have purchased microbit class packs. I guess I am asking you about availability, for example I know the c plus was unavailable for a time, and I want to make sure things are readily available. It would be great if you have any suggestions on how best to deal with purchasing m5stack for the classroom in order to make sure the students can easily get your product. I know in the states adafruit and digikey are resellers and I might have seen them at microcenter too but to be honest it's easiest and fastest to just send the students to amazon but amazon doesn't offer enough of the m5stack product range. I encourage you to offer a much wider range of your products on amazon, especially including the core2.

  • I got mine, and can’t get Arduino to work. I followed the above settings, it finishes uploading, then it says resetting via rest pin, it never resets, and never powers on again until I flash the alpha firmware. Anyone have thoughts, I’ve tried different baud rates, still no success.

  • @sparkinman

    Check that:

    • You have added the M5Core2 library and are doing #include <M5Core2.h> and not using M5Stack.h. Until they merge it my Pull Request and release a new version, my version is more like it will be, better documented and has graphical buttons. (Simply clone it or get the zip file and unpack so that M5Core2 is a subdir of your Arduino libraries dir.)

    • In Arduino Preferences, you have added as an "Additional Board Manager URL"

    • Make sure you then select M5Stack-core2 from the "Tools / Board / M5Stack-Arduino" menu.

    If this is all good, then you should be able to run one of the examples from the "File / Examples / M5Core2" menu.