M5StickCPlus No Sound from Internal Buzzer

  • I must be missing something but I cannot seem to get any sound out of CPlus internal buzzer. I'm not sure if the Speaker Commands pertain to the internal buzzer or only the external hat speaker. I am using UIFlow but can do an Execute command if necessary.

    I have been playing with the Core2 for awhile but just got a StickCPlus today so a little clueless regarding it.0_1623037695118_Sound.jpg

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • @se Ok I found that the buzzer is connected to GPIO2 so used a PWM and am able to get a very low volume tone out if it. So, can someone tell me how to get a usable audio level out of this little buzzer.


  • @se

    Here is a project I built with the M5StickCPlus that uses the buzzer.


    I set freq=100 and duty=0