need your advice for data transfer from a CORE2 to an ATOM display !

  • What is the simplest and fastest communication solution (Modbus, UART, CAN,...) to communicate around 20 variables from a CORE2 to an ATOM DISPLAY? the two controllers will be in the same box at 10cm.
    Should the data be sent as a list? do you have any examples in UIFLOW?

  • @arno The built-in SPI would provide the fastest frame rate but trickier to access the SPI on the Core2, second choice is the built-in I2C interface accessible by the standard Grove port on the left side.
    The Core2 is bereft of GPIO as a nod to WiFi BLE I2C ESP_NOW, etc, whereas the foundational Core Basic is better equipped with I/O options!!!
    I think M5Stack announced recently a GPIO base to convert the Core2.
    I have a Core2 running a simulated nixie-tube clock and two Core Basics.

    Extension Port Module for Core2
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  • Thanks Teastain
    I have the expansion module for CORE 2
    I am looking for advice on the mode of communication to use to transfer from CORE2 to the ATOM Display, and how to transmit around 20 digital variables?