M5Tough upload fails, can anyone help?

  • With Arduino 1.8.19



    Hi, can anyone please help with my uploading problem?
    I have used M5Core2 successfully and now have M5Tough.
    I have loaded the M5Tough library and
    selected the correct board, M5Stack-Tough.
    I have selected the correct port when the M5Stack-Tough is plugged in.
    When I compile and upload any examples for M5Tough I get the following error message after a successful compile:

    Sketch uses 835953 bytes (63%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1310720 bytes.
    Global variables use 40444 bytes (12%) of dynamic memory, leaving 287236 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 327680 bytes.
    C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\m5stack\tools\esptool_py\3.3.0/esptool.exe --chip esp32 --port COM7 --baud 921600 --before default_reset --after hard_reset write_flash {upload.erase_cmd} -z --flash_mode dio --flash_freq 80m --flash_size 16MB 0x1000 C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_195087/Time.ino.bootloader.bin 0x8000 C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_195087/Time.ino.partitions.bin 0xe000 C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\m5stack\hardware\esp32\2.0.5/tools/partitions/boot_app0.bin 0x10000 C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_195087/Time.ino.bin 
    usage: esptool write_flash [-h] [--erase-all]
                               [--flash_freq {keep,80m,60m,48m,40m,30m,26m,24m,20m,16m,15m,12m}]
                               [--flash_mode {keep,qio,qout,dio,dout}]
                               [--flash_size FLASH_SIZE]
                               [--spi-connection SPI_CONNECTION] [--no-progress]
                               [--verify] [--encrypt]
                               [--encrypt-files <address> <filename> [<address> <filename> ...]]
                               [--compress | --no-compress]
                               <address> <filename> [<address> <filename> ...]
    esptool write_flash: error: argument <address> <filename>: Address "{upload.erase_cmd}" must be a number
    esptool write_flash: error: argument <address> <filename>: Address "{upload.erase_cmd}" must be a number

    Any help to identify what is causing this error would be welcome.

  • Thank you.
    I hope M5 or espressif can fix this bug soon.