Object has no attribute - Error

  • It's very simple. The steps I do:

    1. Add unit (+) in UIFlow
    2. Add DIGI-CLOCK, default setting (Port A)
      2b. OK
    3. Open tap 'Units (1)' (under 'Hardwares') > Digi Clock
    4. Get block 'digi_clock_0 init 12c address (0x30).
    5. Run

    Error: File "<string>", line 8, in <module>
    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'DIGI_CLOCK'

    1. Add other blocks; does not matter
    2. Grab another controller; makes no difference (also error).

    Controlling directly with I2C is possible:
    (remove unit)
    Tap 'Hardwares', I2C Master:
    Block 1: i2c0 Master portA freq 400000
    Block 2: i2c0 Set slave addr 0x30
    Block 3: i2c0 Write reg 0x4 one byte 0xFF
    Display result: 8. (and no error!)

    Who can help me or has an addition?

  • Hello @RIDDSprojects

    is your M5Stack running the latest UiFlow firmware (v1.10.9)? You can install it with M5Burner v3.0.


  • Dear Felix,
    You helped me a lot! I had already looked several times for a firmware update, but it got stuck at v1.9.8. Thanks for your tip to use M5Burner Version 3 - I used M5Burner Version 2.5.1 myself. Confusing, but now clear! With, now v1.11.0, it works well!
    Thank you! Also for your very quick response.

  • Hello @RIDDSprojects

    you are very welcome. I am glad to read it works for you now. And thank you for reporting back.

    Best of luck with your projects.