PaHub with Hall sensor

  • Hello,
    i cant connect Hall sensor A3144E to Pa.Hub 9548AP on my M5Stack Core 2.

    What is a solution to use it ??

    Regard Kamil

  • PaHub or Port A Hub is for use with I2C devices.
    Hall Unit is a Pb Device aka Port B Device (the connector collar tell you what port it connect to) for the Hall sensor you need a PbHub.

  • Ok i try to connect this way :
    core 2 -> Pb.hub -> hall sensor
    and i cant in UiFlow to set the hall sensor to pb.hub i get only grove.
    See picture
    0_1670482434710_bug - pbhub hall.jpg

    And another wired thing - when i use Pa.Hub with ENV III i get temp and humidity ok but pressure is -4826090,3. I cant get negativ pressure :>
    When i connect direct to core 2 i get right value.

  • Ehhhh
    Anotcher anomaly i use Pb.Hub and i connect wind speed meter to ch0 and Hall sensor to ch1.
    I use digitalRead from ch0 to read IO 1 for speed meter and digitaRead ch1 read IO 1 to read hall
    AND signal is mixed for both. I get readings from windspped meter when i use hall and hall reads inputs when i blow to windspeed meter. When i use both i get stupid info :/