UiFlow 2.0 Alpha verison discuss(how-to, bug, feature request or sometings)

  • No RGB LED in Units.
    Can you also add the ability to use HSL colour values to the RGB LED (as well as the existing RGB/Hex/Palette modes)?

  • Let me start by saying that I love the way UIFlow2 is going. It seems a lot more logical (with the ability to include selected software / hardware / etc features). With that said, I do have a few questions related specifically to the Atom S3 (with the display):

    • Any idea when (if?) the new Atomic QR-Reader will be added to UIFlow 2 (or docs for using it with the UART options)? I haven't had any luck with it so far (couple of hours playing around with it).

    • Is the LED light (behind the "reset" button) accessible? If I try to use the LED (BuiltIn) it throws an error.

    • I have a use case for the Atom S3 as a clock in an environment with no WiFi. The "RTC" functionality seems to "work" but isn't battery backed up. I've added a "Songhe DS3231SN Real Time Clock Module AT24C32" from Amazon that communicates via I2C (and has a rechargeable battery) but the RTC hardware doesn't have a way to point to the external RTC (seems to be pointing to the internal or maybe just pulling from WiFi when I have WiFi). Suggestions?

  • @iamliubo said in UiFlow 2.0 Alpha verison discuss(how-to, bug, feature request or sometings):


    Hi Liubo,

    • there is problem using the webpage UIFLow 2.0 on IOS: it is not possible to create or modify an UI item (it is working on UIFlow 1)...
    • more generally, what is the most efficient way to fill a bug report for UIFlow 2.0

    Thanks, Pascal

  • I have a Servo2 with Core2 but I don't see it in "Modules".
    Can you please add it so we can use it?

  • Several screen pages desired.

    Suggest to have several pages with different elements on them (like the scenes in Scratch) so it's easy to create a multi page application.

    Then an UI instruction for switchToPage(n) would disable and hide all elements but the ones pertaining to that page, potentially applying also separate background color.

  • EzData2 Debugger wanted

    It would be great to have an EzData2 HMI such as we had in EzData1 "debugger".

    Thanks for such a great job!

  • This post is deleted!

  • RGB software element is not working - color can't be changed

  • Core2 firmware - start screen doesn't refresh User account until navigated out and back in

  • Device manager - apps - ability to open app in editor needed.

    I tend to store there the apps, so I'd like to load them from device same as in UiFlow1

  • Slider unit missing

  • Perhaps previously reported, but I don't see the "red port" rotary encoder unit (U135) in UIFLOW2. Any ideas?