M5Stamp Cs3, USB powered Over-voltage warning

  • Hello,
    As the title explains, M5Stamp Cs3 powered by USB from my laptop.
    I noticed that the device is very hot.
    I get this warning:
    13:23:24.460 -> OVER-VOLTAGE WARNNING
    13:23:24.460 -> OVER-VOLTAGE POWER DOWN

    Suggestions how to deal with this?

  • @happyuser What do you mean by M5Stamp Cs3? is it Stamp C3 or Stamp S3?
    If it is 5V USB powered then it must be the load that it drives that is overheating the body.
    Could you be more specific?


  • Thanks,
    more specific, indeed Stamp C3. And maybe the connected M5Stamp SIM7080C module draws a to high current from the 3.3 volt output on the Stamp C3. I am going t change that anyways, I am just testing.

  • Hello @HappyUser

    according to the schematic the Stamp CatM has its own DC/DC converter from 5 V to 3.3 V so it should not draw any current from the 3.3 V output of the M5StampC3.

    How exactly did you wire up the two?


  • In this testing environment I wired it to the 3.3 volt output of the Stamp. Not the best solution, ha ha, given the power the SIM7080 module needs. I am now converting it to powering the SIM7080 module with separate 5 volt line.
    That should do the trick.