Newest M5Stack with 4MB psRAM

  • When I compile in Arduino 1.85, say the Factory Test, for the M5Stack with the latest repo and esp-idf, the output shows:

    Sketch uses 694574 bytes (52%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1310720 bytes.
    Global variables use 43732 bytes (14%) of dynamic memory, leaving 251180 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 294912 bytes.

    Where does the 4MB psram come in? Does it need to be enabled or specified somewhere?

  • @pkourany Hi, You don't need to enable the PSRAM to run standard sketches in the Arduino IDE.

    The Arduino IDE does not act on a low enough level for it to write directly to the PSRAM... you have to use something else like the ESP Flash Download Tool, which is used for example when you load Micro Python onto the M5Stack. Or the ESP-IDF compiler / flashing program....

    Both are discussed here:

    The ESP Flash Download Tool is easier to setup and use than the ESP-IDF compiler / flashing program.