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    Hi Liubo,

    • there is problem using the webpage UIFLow 2.0 on IOS: it is not possible to create or modify an UI item (it is working on UIFlow 1)...
    • more generally, what is the most efficient way to fill a bug report for UIFlow 2.0

    Thanks, Pascal

  • I have a Servo2 with Core2 but I don't see it in "Modules".
    Can you please add it so we can use it?

  • Several screen pages desired.

    Suggest to have several pages with different elements on them (like the scenes in Scratch) so it's easy to create a multi page application.

    Then an UI instruction for switchToPage(n) would disable and hide all elements but the ones pertaining to that page, potentially applying also separate background color.

  • EzData2 Debugger wanted

    It would be great to have an EzData2 HMI such as we had in EzData1 "debugger".

    Thanks for such a great job!

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  • RGB software element is not working - color can't be changed

  • Core2 firmware - start screen doesn't refresh User account until navigated out and back in

  • Device manager - apps - ability to open app in editor needed.

    I tend to store there the apps, so I'd like to load them from device same as in UiFlow1

  • Slider unit missing

  • Perhaps previously reported, but I don't see the "red port" rotary encoder unit (U135) in UIFLOW2. Any ideas?





    do developers of UIFlow are reading M5Stack Community Forum, to take into account the bugs we can encounter, or is there any special bug report to do somewhere else?

    I notified few months ago and also recently, that UIFlow 2.0 doesn't work with Apple IOS, while UIFlow 1.12 works correctly, in term of creating designing UI items...

    Thank you for your feedback


  • Hi there,

    Sorry I just need a confirmation: Alpha-26: Is it right built-in Infrared is not (yet, hopefully) supported on the M5StickC PLUS? I cannot find IR in the integrated hardware menu.

    Also, I have noticed support for M5StickC Plus 2 , is it an upgraded M5StickC Plus not out yet? I am very interested ;)

    Thanks for your answers!

  • Hi @erich,

    There's a snippet here about StickPlus2

    Also interested, but it seems a limited spec change to overcome obsolescence. If there is work being done on the IR code blocks, it would be a nice feature to get full NEC IR code support.

  • @gavin67890 thanks a lot for the link!

    I agree it does not look much different from the current stickcplus. Also I see it was supposed to be launched end of July… let’s wait and see

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  • Hi,

    Just picked up some M5 Dials, they're great. Could we possible get BLE GATT support in UIFlow 2? The UART blocks are great, but allowing services/characteristics/notifications with BLE would open up for interacting with various BLE based IoT devices easily.

  • @erich

    Here's the FCC submission for M5StickC Plus 2 include internal and external photos:


    Apparent differences to M5StickC Plus 1.1:

    • AXP192 is removed as it is end-of-line
    • Magnet is now one small disc instead of two small bars
    • battery lead is socketed
    • now one board instead of two
    • IC is ESP32-PICO-V3-02 instead of ESP32-PICO-D4 (now doesn't support external PSRAM, not relevant though). PICO-V3 has extra pin 20 for internal use.
    • 200mAh battery instead of 120mAh
    • Not clear where the buzzer is or whether there is no buzzer - not on the inside back as per M5 Stick C Plus.
    • The rear sticker shows a few differences in internal GPIO pin allocations.

    The twitter post @gavin67890 linked to says its been delayed due to some further changes though.

  • @bazman thanks!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am using an M5Stack CoreS3 and UIFlow2 Alpha-27.

    I am new to ESP32 and M5Stack, so not sure if this is a bug in UIFlow2, MicroPython, or it is expected behavior and my understanding of the way it should work is incorrect... :-)

    I am trying to update labels with values on a regular basis, the label is in front of a rectangle and the background of the label is the same color as the foreground of the rectangle.
    However, it seems that when I update the label text, and the length of the text is smaller than the previous length, it leaves an empty space at the back of the label with the background color. I.e., it does not re-render the 'missing part' of the rectangle.
    I could redraw the rectangle after the update, but then the rectangle will overwrite the text.
    I could redraw the rectangle and then rewrite the text, but if the value has not changed, it will not write it on the screen and it remains hidden.
    The only way to do it is to make the label text empty, draw the rectangle, and then fill the label text with the new value.
    That seems like a lot of work just to update a single text label, it also sometimes introduces a flicker (I have quite a number of labels to update)

    Is this a bug ? And is there any way around this (without having to clear and redraw all the screen elements one-by-one)?

    Here is a minimum program to show the issue:
    0_1699019446284_Screenshot 2023-11-03 214924.png

    And the output:
    0_1699021772200_Screenshot 2023-11-03 222854.png



  • @iamliubo m5dial is not fully suported missing NFC ... Also i have nice IR python script for raw codes (without decoding) is there a option to make a module from it...

    I spend some time reading comments above... and started to think i made mistake trying to use m5stack devices ...