UiFlow 2.0 discuss(how-to, bug, feature request or sometings)

  • A new Bug!

    What does this mean? It doesn't change from 0%


  • My issue with Sync is also fixed. It was another issue with aliyun.com access restriction by my company's IT dept

  • OK, so I am finally making progress with my design, and I see so many features missing that really should be available for a modern development environment. There is no option for design reuse, code sharing, custom functions, etc. If I want to use some example code, I have to recreate each step in my project.

    Moving from uiflow1 to uiflow2, I had to rebuild every block of my design. If I find something useful in an example project, I can't just copy/paste from one window to the other, again, I have to manually rebuild what I want in my project.

    Is there a roadmap for planned features to be added to uiflow2?

  • @britontour Maybe it is time for you to expand into Arduino IDE where all your complaints are answered.

  • @iamliubo Why only DAC hat is available with m5staick? No more hats?

  • @kris said in UiFlow 2.0 discuss(how-to, bug, feature request or sometings):

    @iamliubo Why only DAC hat is available with m5staick? No more hats?

    Because it take time to write and develop the code so that it doesn’t cause breakers in other code

  • Hi. I'm missing the 4-Relay Unit in the list of possible devices. Can you please add that back, as it exists in uiflow 1?

  • Hello @zendes

    maybe my example (PlayZone: M5Dial_4RelayUnit_UIFlow2.0.1) can help out until the native 4-relay unit gets added in UIFlow2.

    Note: you might need to modify the I2C pins for SCL and SCK dependent on the core you are using.


  • Just got my Dials in, demo was neat. Used the burner to flash UIFlow 2.0.3 (only option it gives is that or alpha29) (Note, i'm not new to M5Stack or UIFlow)... built a quick for testing the RFID reader which was reported to work... using blocks (and verifying the python)... it does not.. (not in 2.0.3 apparently):

    1_1712280273337_Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 6.22.56 PM.png 0_1712280273336_Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 6.24.02 PM.png

  • @dlhawley

    I have a problem with the NCIR-2 temp sensor not being available in the Unit selection window of UIFlow2. I decided to switch to the NCIR hat and forego the high temp alert capability of the NCIR-2 and low and behold, the hat was missing from the add hat section too.
    These are current products for sale in the M5 store. Wasn't the NCIR-2 introduced over two years ago? I think there would have been ample time to integrate them into the latest UIFlow.

  • Hello @wmatkins

    re: NCIR hat : I think it should work by adding the NCIR unit but with a custom I2C setting, e.g. SCL=26 and SDA=0.

    Note: I do not have the NCIR hat or unit so I cannot test this myself.


  • Hello @sorphin

    I can confirm that in M5Dial UIFlow2.0.3 firmware the blocks for the built-in RFID reader are not working and throw an error. However, as a workaround, I used the blocks of a virtual RFID unit (and modified I2C SCL and SDA pins) to successfully read RFID cards with the internal RFID reader. See PlayZone M5Dial_RFID_UIFlow2.0.3 example.


  • @felmue Thanks for confirming as well Felix. I did find that I could make it work in a round about way as well (using rfid.RFID (no parenthesis)).. but one shouldn't have to do that :/

  • I am programming using UiFlow 2.0 on my M5Stack Stick C Plus 2.

    I have 3 issues currently:

    • 1
      When I burn UiFlow 2.0 using M5Burner, the tool shows esptool being used, which reports the file size being ~20KB.
      This is very fast (less than a minute).

      When I use UiFlow 2.0's web interface to upload my program (~20KB) via USB in the web terminal, however, It is very very slow (~2-3 minutes).

      The issue also happens when I upload a file from the web terminal.

    • 2
      When I upload a file or program, it results in an empty (0 Bytes) file! (most of the time), I burned the old Alpha-29 version of UIFlow 2 on my device using M5Burner, and this problem is fixed

    • 3
      Half of the time, when I run the program, the colors are inverted (instead of RGB, it's BGR, literally)

  • I would like to use the touchscreen on the M5Dial. But the block M5.Touch.getCount() does not work in a while loop! It only works in the main loop. So the touchscreen is hardly usable in Micropython. I have not been able to realize the waiting for a touch.

  • Hello @Peter

    the trick is to add an M5.update() statement (using an Execute mpy Code block) inside the while loop.
    See UIFlow2 Project Zone example: M5Dial_Touch_Get_Count_In_While_Loop_UIFlow2.0.4


  • @felmue Thanks Felix, it works:)
    I didn't look to the Project Zone. I'll do it now.