IP5306 automatic standby

  • I was thinkig to use M5Stack for battery powered solution with low consuption. I encountered the problem with IP5306: At low power consuption below 45 mA (it's enough to turn off the LCD LED and turn ESP32 in modem-sleep) the VOUT = VCC_5V of ISP5306 is disconnected after 32 seconds and therefore ESP32 is not powered. Do you have any solution how to teach the IP5306 do not switch to standby automaticaly? It's a shame that the IP5306_I2C has not been used (controlled over I2C).

  • I get the answer from the manufacturer of IP5306 (Injoinic Tech):

    1. You can use IP5306_CK,this version always output 5V.
    2. I2C function only apply to IP5306_I2C custom design. you can order samples use the name: IP5306_I2C.
    3. Accessory is the I2C register document of IP5306, you can use IP5306_I2C, then modify IP5306's register(reg0x00[1]=1) to make IP5306 always output 5V.

    英集芯科技 Injoinic Tech
    陈 卫
    QQ : 248371522

  • To solve the problem with IP5306, I decided to implement the BATTERY MODULE with IP5306_I2C as follows:
    The implementation will be as soon as I can buy IP5306_I2C.
    I welcome any comments and suggestions.

  • hello , i had asked them, but the i2c verison is hard to buy.

  • @jikuch

    Hi Ji,
    just wondering if you were able to source the IP5306_I2C and if you are still going ahead with this build ? Nice work BTW.

  • Hi JimiT.

    Unfortunately, I did not get IP5306. This version 1.0 of M5Stack POWER BANK will not be implemented. I'm creating version 2.0 with IP5108, which is available:


    IP53108 can be purchased here, for example:
    LiPol 103450 with capacity 2.500mAh here, for example:

    If I create M5Stack POWER BANK, I will continue in the section projects.
    This FAQS contains problem with the IP5306 and it is a pity that the M5Stack team does not respond and does not inform: the last delivery, which I received, contained the M5Stack in black with IP5306_CK, which does not have an automatic standby! Hurray!

  • @jikuch

    Hi Ji,

    Thanks for the update. Nice project. I will keep an eye on the projects section....

    It seems likely the M5Stack guys would want to sort this out given that low power is one of the attractions of the ESP32, so most likely they are still working on it.

    From their comment and perhaps your experience also, it may be that availability of the IP5306_I2C was the problem.

    Perhaps they could use the IP5108 in future (?).

  • According to the data sheet (in Chinese language only by the way),
    if the load current drops below 45mA during 32 seconds, the IP5306 goes into standby.

    This is useful information for making some sort of heartbeat circuit to keep the IP5306 from going into standby.

  • Hi,

    Any ideas to avoid automatic standby?
    i am working with deepsleep and it wont wakeup above 30seconds setup.


  • Are 2018 models came with the same IP5306 stand by setup?

    Could it be customized for big orders?

    Thanks guys

  • @pelocksIP5306 automatic standby 中说:

    Are 2018 models came with the same IP5306 stand by setup?

    Could it be customized for big orders?

    Thanks guys

    2018 models have the same problem with IP5306 standby.

    You can't get very low power consumption in deepsleep with M5Stack anyway, so waking up every 30 seconds, checking the elapsed time and going to deepsleep immediately if needed won't make much difference.

  • hi there, i had ordered 4k pcs ip5306_i2C, and change the newest board for this, so the new model can close this function.

  • @m5stack - very good news!

    P.S. please also check the quality of connectors, especially female (on master board),
    maybe only my m5stack has such a problem but from the beginning of use, various pins have a contact problem
    with bottom plates(I check different: ioExtension/proto board/battery board).
    Evidently male pins from bottom plates do not have good contact with female connector on base plate, I do not check all contacts but have problem with accu pin, adc35 pin, adc36 pin.
    it's very annoying and spoils the positive impression from the module
    when you can not read the input status and wonder what is wrong in the code
    and it's not the fault of the code but the lack of contact

    P.S.P.S please also vote for this PR: https://github.com/espressif/arduino-esp32/pull/1242
    because current version of board.txt do not include proper pins_arduino.h variant for m5stack and for e.g. ADC1 or ADC2 are unknown when compile

  • @m5stackIP5306 automatic standby 中说:

    hi there, i had ordered 4k pcs ip5306_i2C, and change the newest board for this, so the new model can close this function.

    Great news, but make shure that the new board is degned in a way that the total power consumption of all the additional circuitry (except ESP32 itself) can be reduced to at least <100 uA, otherwise it wont be very useful.

  • @JiKuch , @loboris, @m5stack, @JimiT

    Does anyone have a list of all I2C registers of IP5306_I2C (preferably, in english)?
    Also, what is the I2C address of this chip? I tried running I2C scanner and I get:

      0x68 => MPU9250
      0x0E => MAG3110
      0x75 => IP5306 ???

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Who is interested in the IP5108 solution, so look at the implementation in the section PROJECTS:
    M5 Power Bank with IP5108

  • @vshymanskyy
    IP5306 https://yadi.sk/i/dRp0HTF4oPCo2g

    Same thing for IP5209 IP5109 IP5207 IP5108

  • @vshymanskyy Did you scann old chip (IP5306) or new version (IP5306_I2C). Can it be possible, that old version can I2C too?

  • @vshymanskyy please, could you send schematic of IP56306 I2C connection? I try to connect to my (which should have I2C) - but she doesn't reply. I use external microcontroller with external supply. Also I connect SCL to 2nd and SDA to 3st pin pin of IP5306. IP5306 powered from li-ion battery.